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Keropi Papercraft Toy

Keroppi with Box Papercraft 300x225 Keropi Papercraft Toy

One of funny characters which children love it is Keropi. Keropi is frog character and the funny appearance makes this character popular. Moreover, it is also taken from a movie known as Kero Keropi.

If you want to give something special to your beloved daughter, you can consider Keropi papercraft toy here as one of the options. It is better gift than anything because you make it by yourself and step by step. Definitely, it is not an ordinary paper model because you can make it just like when you buy it in the store. Specifically, besides making the Keropi, you also make the box. The good news is that you can just get this 3D Keropi with box papercraft for free. The color of the Keropi is green and it is the same with the original character. The box is also presented in green with transparent plastic just like a glass.

Just manage this project step by step and carefully so it can be made perfectly. If you really want to take this paper model you can just download Keropi papercraft with box right away. Hopefully, your daughter happy with this special gift especially if she knows it is made by her own parent. Do it right now so you can see the real model.

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