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Wiro Sableng Papercraft

Wiro Sableng Papercraft 225x300 Wiro Sableng Papercraft

Indonesian people also have a hero. Although it doesn’t use iron costume or mask but this hero is also considered as a popular hero in Indonesia. The name of the hero is Wiro Sableng. Sableng itself means crazy in Indonesia language. Actually, he uses white uniform which is commonly used in martial art.

If you are curious about this funny but strong character you can just take Wiro Sableng papercraft design available here. One more unique thing about this character is about the number stated on his body. The specific number presented there is 212. This Indonesian Superhero papercraft model is using axe as his special weapon. For your information, Wiro Sableng is only a comic superhero and it is a fiction character.

Although he is a fiction character but people really like him especially because he is funny and defend the goodness. If you want to add your superhero collection you can also include this 3D Wiro Sableng papercraft model as your next project. Later, you can explain to your friends that this is a popular superhero from Indonesia. The pattern is free tow download and later you can star the project right away. At least, you don’t need to recognize the name because it is stated on the rock papercraft.

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