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3D Humayun’s Tomb Architecture Papercraft

3D Humayuns Tomb Architecture Papercraft 3D Humayun’s Tomb Architecture Papercraft

Do you want to start a complicated level of papercraft now? Actually, there are several options which can be considered as complicated level papercraft project. Definitely, it takes more time and high consistency to finish this kind of model.

One of models which tested your skill in making a papercraft is architecture papercraft design model. It is difficult to finish because it is large in size and you have to watch on the detail a lot. For example, you can just take this 3D India Humayun’s Tomb papercraft. This tomb is real and you can find it in New Delhi, India. Actually, this outstanding architecture is considered as one of popular architectures in Asian, Oceania.

To get this Humayun Tomb papercraft architecture you need to spend up to 15 pages of paper to print the pattern. Moreover, you also need to get the instruction in which you need to use up to 10 pages of paper. Definitely, you know how complicated this paper model is. But if you have high consistency and focus on the project I bet you can finish the Humayun Tomb papercraft pattern into the realistic architecture as soon as possible. Just show it to your friends and let them surprise which you achievement on paper model.

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