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Son Goku Papercraft in 3D Design

goku papercraft 300x252 Son Goku Papercraft in 3D Design

Most children around the world recognize Goku. Yes! Goku is the main character of a manga film entitled Son Goku. If you really love the film and the character definitely you need to have it in your room. It is possible for you to have the miniature and even you can make it by yourself.

Downloading this Goku papercraft model is the best way to get your favorite character. The strength of the model is on the realistic design and you can just see the same papercraft model just like what you see in the film. The height of this 3D Son Goku papercraft design is 23 cm and it is perfect to be the next new accessory around your bedroom. You will see Goku who is wearing the orange uniform with the logo in the back of the uniform. Interestingly, the muscle looks real although it is only in the form of paper.

Moreover, this Goku papercraft toy is steady and you can stand the model in the table around your bedroom. Probably, the process will be a little bit complicated but with high consistency I bet you can finish the model. In the end, this model can be your favorite toy because you made it by yourself.

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  • Ndeklerk37

    Son Goku is not a comic character. He is a manga character. And he is not from the manga film ‘Son Goku’ (Never even heard of that) He is the main character from the manga and anime series’ Dragonball Z.

    If you’re gonna advertize, do it right.

  • Syam

    nice awsome