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Fruitparfait Papercraft Card Model

Fruitparfait Papercraft Card Model Fruitparfait Papercraft Card Model

Giving a card is one way to show how you appreciate your friends. It will be great if you give a different card than the common card available in the store. Commonly, the size is square and the design is monotonous.

How about if you give a card with a glass of delicious ice cream? If you think it is a great idea, you can just take this fruitparfait papercraft card. Definitely, the special thing of this model is the attracting design. You can just give this card especially if your friends love to eat ice cream. The gift card papercraft design is colorful and it looks really fresh. It will be great if it is his or her favorite ice cream because it means you really understand them very much.
The best thing of this service is that you can download fruitparfait papercraft model for free. The design of the model can be downloaded in PDF form and the size of the paper you need to take the model is A4 paper size. Specifically, you need 2 pieces of paper and then you can just print those design papers to start the project. It is very easy to do and you can add your own text to deliver your message to your best friends.

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  • Jenah

    I really had fun making theses with my sister it was hard to make them but really fun.