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Airbus A320 Meridiana Fly Papercraft Model

Airbus A320 Meridiana Fly Papercraft 300x225 Airbus A320 Meridiana Fly Papercraft Model

Collecting papercraft is always interesting. This is because there are hundred of papercraft models available and some of them are new models. For example, if you like to see an airplane it will be interesting to collect the miniature of airplane from various countries.

Just like this Airbus A320 Meridiana Fly papercraft model presented here. Specifically, Airbus A320 Meridian Fly is considered as an Italian airline. The airplane itself operates from Peretola Airport, Florance. If you used to make airplane papercraft project so this kind of model is easy for you. The design is similar to the previous airplane models which you have. It consists of two parts which are the plane itself and the place to make the plane steadies.

Although it is only an Italian Airline Plane papercraft design but the design is made just like the real one. From the model you will see the logo of the airplane which is Meridiana Fly. Commonly, the total of the windows and the doors are the same with the real plane. Because the airplane model looks steady enough it means you can put it in your favorite spot around your room. Just start to download the paper design right away for free and start the project as soon as possible.

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  • starlightuk

    WOW what a fantastic model.