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3D Dragon Papercraft Model

3D Dragon Papercraft Model 300x225 3D Dragon Papercraft Model

If you really like dragon, you can take various types of papercraft which related to dragon. Actually, there are hundred of dragons made of paper available.

You just need to choose the best one to add your collection. 3D dragon papercraft available here can be one of perfect options for you. What makes this paper model different is on the original design. Probably, you think that to make this dragon papercraft project is difficult and complicated. It is not really because you can just cut the pattern based on the instruction and then glue it to be a fix model.

Moreover, the pair of wings and tail makes this dragon papercraft design perfect. Even, it looks strong and powerful with sharp teeth and long tongue. I bet the color is also great with the combination of green, red, and yellow. The green color is for the base, the red color is for the tongue, and the yellow for the eyes. Just download dragon papercraft model here and start this project right away to have a new collection. After you finish the model you will see a great dragon and you can show it to your friend because it is your newest achievement. There is a possibility that you friends want to have it.

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