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Lightning McQueen Papercraft Model

Disney Cars 3D Papercraft Lightning McQueen Lightning McQueen Papercraft Model

Cars the movie is considered as a popular movie and definitely your children will love it. The most popular character of Car the Movie is Lightning McQueen. It is a common thing if your children like it. Actually, you can make their dream to have Lighting McQueen in their room come true.

What you have to do is downloading Disney Cars 3D papercraft. The design of this papercraft is cool and it is similar to the one who you see in the movie. Smiling face becomes the characteristic of this Lightning McQueen papercraft model. It is not complicated at all because the general design is only a square. You can just finish this project in a day and then give it to your beloved children.

Don’t forget to give this 3D Cars papercraft design by saying “Ka-Chow!” I bet your children know about this phrase and soon they will have the same smile just like what Lightning McQueen does. In the end, they can play with this toy or if they don’t want to do it, they can just put it in their favorite spot around their room. Now, you can just download Lightning McQueen 3D papercraft model and start the project right away to make a special surprise for your beloved children.

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