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Togepi Paercraft Design

Togepi Paercraft Design 300x225 Togepi Paercraft Design

For Pokemon lovers adding their collection is very important especially if there is an update collectible item. While waiting for the update collectible item you can just find different item to collect.

For example, you can just take this togepi papercraft design as your next collection. On of the interesting things about it collectible item is that you make the model by yourself. Togepi is one of popular characters in Pokemon because it is funny and cute creature. Moreover, this creature is also protected with its egg shell which is performed in blue and red colors. If you still don’t have this Nintendo papercraft togepi series you can just take the pattern right away and get it as your next collection.

Although it looks complicated but I bet you can finish this togepi papercraft project right away. Just start the project from the head crown first to make it easy and fast. You can finish it fast because this pokemon papercraft toy is only 10 cm tall and it is small enough. When you finish this project you will see the same character which you see on the movie and you will be very happy to have one more monster to be collected. Just put it besides your previous collections and it is okay if you wan to make it as your favorite collection.

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