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Traveling Pilot Papercraft

Traveling Pilot Papercraft Traveling Pilot Papercraft

Toy paper model is great choice, if you want some challenge for your papercraft skill. One of the toy paper models that I like is this Traveling Pilot Papercraft.

If you look at the base pattern of the Traveling Pilot 3d papercraft, there will be lot of part that you need to assembly. But, after you finish them all, you will find one of the unique and cute paper model toys in this Traveling Pilot Papercraft paper. Like other toy, this paper model also has some mechanism inside the box that becomes the base of the Traveling Pilot with his plane. There’s handle on the back that give you surprising or maybe funny thing, if you spin it. Yes, the Traveling Pilot with his plane will move up and down. And, there are also two seagulls that fly on left and right side of the plane that also can move because of the mechanism inside this paper model.

The model in this papercraft isn’t hard to assembly. Maybe, you need to have more concentration on the mechanism part of this paper model. If you want to try this unique toy paper model, you can use download link that you can find below. It’s also Free Traveling Pilot papercrafts.

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