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Maine Coon Papercraft

Maine Coon Papercraft Maine Coon Papercraft

Having pet like cat, is great thing, especially if you really like animal. But, for you who doesn’t really like animal and prefer to have paper model than animal like me, we can try to replace the living cat with this Maine Coon 3d papercraft.

Although, this Maine Coon Papercraft is the realistic model of real Maine Coon cat, the flat legs make it doesn’t looks like the real one. But, one thing for sure, this Maine Coon Papercraft paper model is one of the cutest animal paper models you can find. Yes, if it’s about cute cat, we must think about innocent face of cat, isn’t it? That’s also thing that we can find in this paper model. So, get ready girl. You will be screamed, “Kyaaa, it’s so cute!” that’s from cuteness perspective. If you really like paper model, you might think that this is simple paper model, and that’s true. Maybe, the cute face of this paper model that makes it feels little bit complicated. But, overall, it’s just simple paper model that even beginner can assembly it without instruction.

This cute paper model can be found via link below. You also can get Free Maine Coon papercrafts assembly instruction for this paper model.

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  • CWGDesign

    Wow! Looks just like my Maine Coon! If you eva decide you want a real one Graro Maine Coons are the Best.