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India Humayun’s Tomb Papercraft

India Humayun Tomb Papercraft India Humayuns Tomb Papercraft

Beautiful, unique and complicate, that’s what you might think, when you look at the architectural papercraft. This India Humayun’s Tomb Papercraft is one of them.

When we talk about this India Humayun’s Tomb 3d papercraft, the detail would be the most interesting part that this paper model has. Every part of India Humayun’s Tomb, even the tiniest one can be found in this paper model. And because of this detail, this India Humayun’s Tomb Papercraft paper becomes one of the most beautiful architectural papercraft you can find. The high detail of this paper model is really something. So, you might need to have more patience than other paper model, if you want to assembly this paper model perfectly. That means you will also get lot of challenge, if you try to assembly this beautiful paper model. It also has wide base that you can use to put this paper model on any surface, which is good thing, because, you can use it for decoration for your room or desk.

This India Humayun’s Tomb paper model is available for free from download link below. Beside Free India Humayun’s Tomb papercrafts, you also can get assembly instruction, which will be very useful, especially if you’re just doing papercraft stuff recently.

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