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Top 5 Vehicle Papercraft

There’re many cool vehicles that you can find these days. And that’s great thing, especially if you love papercraft. Yes, they can be used as the base model for your papercraft artwork. Of course, there’re many vehicle papercraft that can be said as the coolest vehicle papercraft that you can find, like these 5 vehicle papercraft.

1.     Airplane Papercraft

airplane paper models Top 5 Vehicle Papercraft

This airplane papercraft is suitable for you who really love papercraft, especially airplane papercraft. It’s simple papercraft. But, its simplicity is enough to show all detail of the airplane that become the base model of this papercraft.

Download it Here

2.     Vespa Classic Papercraft

vespa Top 5 Vehicle Papercraft

This one is one of my favorite. Beside I like Vespa model, this vespa classic papercraft also has high detail. And, the best of all, there’s England flag image printed on the Vespa body. Because it has high detail, it also great paper model for you who seek for papercraft challenge. Patience and concentration is needed to assembly this paper model. But, you will have fun with this paper model.

Downlaod it Here

3.     Viking Boat Papercraft

viking Top 5 Vehicle Papercraft

This is one of the coolest Viking boat papercraft for you. If you like boat, this paper model will be best choice you can try. It shows the greatness of Viking and the design is also beautiful. It also has base that you can use to place it as decoration on the desk or other place.

Download it Here

4.     Mazda Biante Papercraft

mazda biante papercraft Top 5 Vehicle Papercraft

This is truly the paper model that created for all car lovers. This Mazda Biante Papercraft has high detail and beautiful design. And, when I say high detail, it means it’s not only exterior detail, but, the Mazda Biante interior design is also designed in high detail. So, you will have fun with this paper model, plus challenge. The unique thing on this paper model is the door. It has some kinds of system, where you can open it like real car.

Download it Here

5.     Ambulance Papercraft

Ambulance Papercraft Toy Top 5 Vehicle Papercraft

For you that just try papercraft, I give you this ambulance papercraft. It’s very simple. It has box shape paper model type, which is easily to assembly. This simple paper model could become the starting point where you will be addicted on papercraft hobby.

Download it Here

And those are some of great example of vehicle papercraft that you can find. Some of them require high papercraft skill and there’s also simple paper model among them. All of them are free, that make them become your best choice, if you want to try papercraft for the first time, or get more collection on your paper model collection.


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