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Top 5 Animal Papercraft

Cat, dog and fish maybe is common pet that most of people has. But, if you want to have extraordinary pet, like hippopotamus, sea lion or other animal, it’s impossible. It’s not for me. If you love papercraft, you can use your papercraft hobby to create your own pet, even the most eccentric animal that you can find. For the paper model, you can look at these top 5 animal paper models that you can try.

1.     Cute Farm Animal Papercraft

farm animal Top 5 Animal Papercraft

Like its name, cute farm animal papercraft, this paper model is cute. There are three common animals that you can find on the farm, which is chicken, pig and cow. And they’re in cutest form, which is cube paper model. The design is also funny. It shows the expression of these animals that surprised because of something in from of them. Or, is it because of you who want to kiss them because they’re so cute?

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2.     Madagascar Penguins Papercraft

madagascar penguin mafia 300x224 Top 5 Animal Papercraft

Yes, it’s the paper model of four penguins on Madagascar movie. Of course, if you think about them, you will know that this madagascar penguins papercraft would be wacked. It’s true, with its cube style and funny expression. Unfortunately, there are only three of them. Where is Kowalski, I wonder?

Download it Here

3.    Hippopotamus Papercraft

hippopotamus Top 5 Animal Papercraft

This is definitely one of the beautiful animal papercraft you can find. This hippopotamus papercraft has high detail and the best of all is the color. The gradation makes it looks like real hippopotamus skin. And the other cool thing about this paper model is the pose. It opens its mouth and you can see the teeth and its wide mouth.

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4.    Sea Lion papercraft

sea lion Top 5 Animal Papercraft

This sea lion papercraft shows the sea lion that play with its toys, the ball and rings. Yes, it’s like the sea lion shows in circus. There’s also bucket of fish for the sea lion. Its detail is quite high, but, the most challenging part is assembling many parts of this paper model.

Download it Here

3.     Poodle Dog Papercraft

poodle dog Top 5 Animal Papercraft

The cutest dog papercraft you can find. Yes, this poodle dog papercraft has the cutest pose of dug, sparkling eyes with head little bit tilt to the right. It’s the pose that make all of you says, “Ooohh!!!” the other interesting part isn’t only the pose. It has great design of its fur pattern.

Download it Here

Now, you can have any exocentric, crazy and cutest pet without problem. Those 5 paper model are the best paper model in animal category, especially cutest animal category that you can find. You can get them all for free.



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