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Top 5 Star Wars Papercraft

When we talk about fantasy movie, Star Wars maybe is the movie that has right to be called as best fantasy movie. Why? There’re so much fantastic and maybe weird thing in this movie that also become the coolest thing you can use as paper model. You don’t believe it? If that so, just take a look at these top 5 starwars papercraft and you can get what I said.

1. Storm Tropper Papercraft

stromtrooper cube Top 5 Star Wars Papercraft

Maybe, you think that this strom tropper papercraft is simple and cute. But, when you look at the design, you can find that it has quite high detail design. Therefore, it can become one of paper model that will give you challenge. But, yes, its chibi style makes this paper model become one of the cutest Star Wars papercraft you can find. It’s Great choice for you who want to have cute Star Wars figurine or decoration.

Download it Here

2. Luke Skywalker Light Saber Papercraft

Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Papercraft 300x117 Top 5 Star Wars Papercraft

One of coolest thing in Star Wars movie is the light saber. And this lightsaber papercraft shows that coolness. Beside it has high detail, the color and pattern, especially if you print it on right paper, make it like real light saber. Just add the laser part and you have the real light saber like what you can find on Star Wars movie.

Download it Here

3. AT-PT Papercraft

Star Wars AT PT All Terrain Personal Transport Top 5 Star Wars Papercraft

When we talk about coolest thing in movie, robot is one of them. Star Wars has many of them. And this AT-PT papercraft is one of them. Cool, very high detail and beautiful, those are things that comes up in your man, when you look at this paper model. Wait a minute? If you look closer, the high detail stuff actually is only printed image. But, that’s okay. This paper model is still beautiful and cool. Great paper model for your Star Wars papercraft collection.

Download it Here

4. Yoda Papercraft

yoda starwars paper Top 5 Star Wars Papercraft

This papercraft has crazily high detail that make it looks like real Yoda character that you can find in Star Wars. Maybe, you can find many yoda papercraft or paper models. But, this one has Yoda model with cool pose. It like he is going to use his power at you. The most interesting thing about this paper model is cool expression of Yoda.

Download it Here

5. R2D2 Papercraft

r2d2 paper Top 5 Star Wars Papercraft

This r2d2 papercraft is simplest Star Wars papercraft. It’s easy to assembly, but, it’s still cool for your Star Wars paper model collection.

Download it Here

So, those are some of great Star Wars papercraft you can find. If you love Star Wars and papercraft, you can try them all.



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