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Pokémon Sunflora Papercraft

Pokémon Sunflora Papercraft 300x225 Pokémon Sunflora Papercraft

If you like to play game, you must know Pokémon game. Yes, this is one of popular game that ever created. If you love this game and you don’t know things that you want to do this summer, you can have fun with one of Pokémon. That one that I talk here is Sunflora, the Summer Pokémon. To make it more interesting, you can try to use this Pokémon Sunflora Papercraft.

There’s cute Pokémon Sunflora 3d papercraft you can see here. It has funny smiley face and talk about design, this paper mode has quite high detail. All parts of Pokémon Sunflora are designed very well here. Some of part can be said has difficult and complicated design, especially the head where you need to assembly tiny petal of the Pokémon Sunflora. There’re also different pose of Pokémon Sunflora paper model you can find, so, if you want to make group of Pokémon Sunflora that have fun under the summer sun, you can print this paper model more than one.

If you have problem, there’s assembly instruction you can download along with base pattern. You can use download link that available on this page to get Free Pokémon Sunflora papercrafts. Overall, it’s cute and perfect for summer toy.

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