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Popsicle Party Papercraft

Popsicle Party Papercraft 300x168 Popsicle Party Papercraft

Summer is about to come. Are you ready to have fun? If that so, why don’t choose activity where you and your friend or your entire family can have fun together. If you and your friend love papercraft, use it to create fun summer. This Popsicle Party Papercraft can be great choice to assembly.

Weird and little bit scary, maybe that’s the first thought in your mind, when you look at this Popsicle Party 3d papercraft. But, that’s the thing that makes it looks cute and funny. The other unique thing that this papercraft has is its cube design. Because it use cube design, it won’t be a problem to assembly. Good choice for have fun with your entire family, even your little kid can assembly it without problem. The thing that make it little bit disappointed is the color. It’s too simple and doesn’t look sharp. But, if you edit it little bit, it will look great. The big feet that it has become the base, so, you can place it on any surface, which is good thing, because, you can use it for decoration.

If you interested and want to try this free Popsicle Party papercraft, you can use download link below. You also can get base pattern and assembly instruction.

Download it Here


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