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Free Kawai Gift Box Papercraft

gg giftbox img09 Free Kawai Gift Box Papercraft

Many of your friends will have their birthday this month and you have to prepare the gifts for them. The gift is your respect and symbol of your friendship. Therefore, if you want to make your friends happy in their birthday, give great gift in the best gift box. To make gift box is easy and you don’t need to buy it from the store because you can make it from paper. What you need to get is the Cute printable Giftbox papercraft model. You can get the model by clicking the links that you can see in this article.

gg giftbox img10 Free Kawai Gift Box Papercraft

The links here will bring you to a website where you can download more than two types of kawaii Gift box papercraft. The papercraft models from the site are great and you only need to download by clicking the link button. The file of the paper models are in doc and pdf, you can choose which one of your favorite format. Save it first to your hard drive before you print it later using a color printer.

gg giftbox img02 Free Kawai Gift Box Papercraft

Cut the printed Cute printable Giftbox papercraft according to the cutting lines. Fold the model as instructed in the instruction file and then use glue to make the shape permanent. When the glue dries, your kawaii Gift Box papercraft is ready.

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