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Free Cute Printable Envelope

gg pochi img01 Free Cute Printable Envelope

If you love to write letter, you might like this post. In this post, I will show you the best envelope for your letters. After you have finished writing your letter, you don’t need to buy envelope from the store because you can make it by yourself. The way to make the envelope is very easy and you don’t need to buy many things. The first thing that you should do is clicking the link in this post to go to the website where the Cute printable envelope is stored.  You can download the papercraft file by clicking the download button in the website.

gg pochi img02 Free Cute Printable Envelope

On the website, there are more than one kawaii Japanese printable envelope files that you can download. You can choose which one you like to download. Furthermore, the Cute printable envelope from the site is free. You can download it to your hard drive and later you need thin paper and a color printer to print the paper model.

gg pochi img03 Free Cute Printable Envelope

You will also probably need to download the instruction too in order to get the best envelope shape. In cutting and folding the envelope you have to follow exactly what the instruction says. If you miss one step, your envelope will not be perfect. Use glue to make the kawaii Japanese printable envelope looks great and tidy.

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