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Lego Man Minifig Papercraft

forestmenleader 300x225 Lego Man Minifig Papercraft

If you love to play Lego, you must be skillful in making various characters using your Lego. How about making Lego character using paper? Have you ever made it? You can make various characters using papercraft aids. In this post I will let you know how to make Lego Man Papercraft. To make it, you only need to download the Lego Man Minifig Papercraft design from the internet.  You can also download it from the links here in the post.

After the Lego Man Minifig Papercraft design has been downloaded, you need to open it in a PDF reader in order to print the design. To print it, use paper that is stiff enough for the figure. Use color printer to get the perfect color of the Lego Man Minifig Papercraft. Cut the papercraft design and the fold it. Follow the line when folding the design to get the right shape.

You can also download the instruction guide to make the papercraft. Just follow the steps carefully and you will be able to get the right shape. To maintain the shape, use glue on the provided space and then attach the parts together. After t he glue has dried, the Lego Man Minifig Papercraft is ready.

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