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Blimp Yoshi Papercraft

Blimp Yoshi Papercraft 300x225 Blimp Yoshi Papercraft

Yoshi is one of friend of Mario and Luigi in the game. The newest ability that Yoshi has is when he gets power from Blimp fruits and become Blimp Yoshi. It’s funny mode of Yoshi and one of the cutest. There’s this Blimp Yoshi Papercraft that use that funny Yoshi mode as base model.

First interesting part of this Blimp Yoshi 3d papercraft is its design. It use the swelling Yoshi that caused by Blimp fruit and that’s funny.  And because of this swelling shape, that make this Blimp Yoshi paper model craft is little bit difficult to assembly, especially when you have to make the round part of Yoshi body. The detail of this paper model is quite high. The swelling body and funny chubby face of Yoshi, as well as the boot that become the trademark of Yoshi is designed very well. Therefore, you will need to be extra careful when you assembly it, so, it can become perfect Blimp Yoshi paper model. That means you also can get some challenge from this paper model.

If you want to get this Free Blimp Yoshi papercrafts base pattern, you can use download link that you can find on this page. This is one of funny paper model for your collection.

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