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Pokémon Zekrom Papercraft

Pokémon Zekrom Papercraft Pokémon Zekrom Papercraft

If you like Pokémon, like me, you will know one of the strongest and rarest Pokémon in Pokémon White. Yes, we’re talking about Zekrom here. I just found this Pokémon Zekrom Papercraft and it’s cool like Pokémon Zekrom in the game.

For papercraft lover, this Pokémon Zekrom 3d papercraft would be one of best paper model you can try. It has high detail; all parts of Pokémon Zekrom can be found in this paper model. More than that, Pokémon Zekrom paper model craft also has nice pose. It show when Zekrom is ready to fight the enemy. The color isn’t too special, because, we all knows that the color of Pokémon Zekrom in the game is mostly black and there’s some of part that has lighter black color. So, this paper model also use that color. It’s black. The big tail that it has needs some base to support it, when you try to put this paper model in standing position. Unfortunately, in this paper model base pattern, there’s no base that you can assembly. So, you need to make it yourself.

You can use link below, if you want to get this paper model. You will get complete set of Free Pokémon Zekrom papercrafts base pattern, and you just need to assembly them.

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  • Kannan74

    I don’t understand how to make a origami would someone please tell me how to make a origami zekrom prize is pokemon black for computer.