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Thief Cat Papercraft

Thief Cat Papercraft1 220x300 Thief Cat Papercraft

If you love cat paper model, there’re lot of paper model you can try. But, this one can be said as one of the cool and cute cat paper model. This cat paper model is the Thief Cat Papercraft.

This Thief Cat 3d papercraft has cute and cool design. It’s a paper model of cat with a mask that covers its mouth. The cat also carries a bag and two blades on its each hand. It’s cool Thief Cat paper model craft. The thing that catches in my eyes is the symbol on the mask that this cat has. It is picture of smiley cat on the leaf. Maybe, it’s inspired by ninja symbol. So, we also can say that this is the ninja cat paper model. The model itself is cool. It use nice color and there’s also realistic pattern that make it looks like real cat fur.  For the detail, this paper model has quite high detail. Therefore, it also can give you some challenge to your papercraft skill.

You can get this cute and cool Thief Cat Free papercrafts from download link on this page. Of course, this paper model also will be one of your cutest and coolest paper models you ever tried.

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  • Maggie

    No matter how often I try I cannot get this model to download. Help!