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The Avengers – The Hulk Papercraft

The Avengers – The Hulk Papercraft 246x300 The Avengers – The Hulk Papercraft

The Avenger movie that just released few weeks ago will be one of the coolest movies in 2012. Of course, it’s because the superhero on this movie. One of them is Hulk, a superhero that has strength like an army. You like it? You can have it, but in cute form of this The Avengers – The Hulk Papercraft.

The Avengers – The Hulk 3d papercraft is cube style paper model. That means it’s simple and easy to assembly. It’s suitable for you who just start papercraft hobby. However, The Avengers – The Hulk paper model craft has nice pattern and texture image. Yes, it use printed image to create nice texture of Hulk skin and muscle. And, that make this Hulk paper model become one of the cutest Hulk paper model you can find. Instead use nice gradation or real image of muscle and skin, this paper model use cartoon style of Hulk muscle pattern. That make it looks like funny Hulk, moreover, with the cube shape that it has.

The funny thing is the expression of this paper model face. It looks like angry Hulk, so, you don’t want to mess around this superhero. If you want to get Free The Avengers – The Hulk papercrafts, you just need to download it from link below.

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