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Predator Head Papercraft

predator head papercraft Predator Head Papercraft

Want some challenge? If you love papercraft, there’re lots of paper model with high detail that you can try. One of them is this Predator Head Papercraft.

This Predator Head 3d papercraft has high detail, that’s it. First is the shape. This paper model has great design that make it looks like real Predator head that you can find on the movie. The mouth, fang, eyes, hair and other part of the Predator Head can be found on this Predator Head paper model craft. So, if you hang it in front of your door, everyone that enter your room will be surprised and maybe scream like little girl. Great paper models for prank your friend. But, the best of all is the texture and color. The gradation, some pattern around its head and eyes, it looks great and make this paper model become one of the paper model with coolest color and pattern. The eyes are also scary. But, to be able to create scariest paper model from this papercraft, you need to print it in high detail.

So, if you ready for challenge and you want to create paper model that can make you use all your papercraft skill, you can get this paper model from link below. It’s also Free Predator Head papercrafts.

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