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Abyssinian Cat Papercraft

Abyssinian Cat Papercraft Abyssinian Cat Papercraft

Having pet means you need to spend some of your time to treat it. For me, that’s impossible. Luckily, I found this Abyssinian Cat Papercraft. It’s cute, easy to assembly and you don’t need to feed it.

Abyssinian Cat 3d papercraft use simple model of Abyssinian Cat that is known as one of the cutest cat breed that in the world. Although this car paper model has simple design, but you still can find cuteness that Abyssinian Cat has on this Abyssinian Cat paper model craft. The color, pattern and the best part of all is the cute big sparkly eyes that this paper model has, make you want to hold it and never let it go. But, be careful, because, it’s made of paper, it can break down when you hold it too tight. Beside big sparkly eyes, the pose of this car paper model is also one of cutest thing you can find. It’s the pose of cat when it begs for food. That’s the pose that makes all people say “Ooooh…”

You can get Abyssinian Cat paper model base pattern from download link below. If you have problem to assembly this paper model, you also can get Abyssinian Cat Free papercrafts assembly instruction also from that link.

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