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Sea Lion Papercraft

ring toss sea lion Sea Lion Papercraft

When we talk about cute toys, we don’t need to buy it. If you love papercraft, you can get cute toys for free, like this 3d Ring Toss (Sea Lion) papercraft.

Yes, it’s free papercraft. You can get this Ring Toss (Sea Lion) Papercraft from download link that you can find on this page. But, one of most interesting thing about this Ring Toss (Sea Lion) papercraft is the cute design that it has. This Ring Toss (Sea Lion) paper model craft use simple design of cute blue sea lion that play a ball on it nose. There’s base that you can use to make this paper model stand firm on the flat surface. But, the most interesting thing about this paper model is how you can use it to play and have fun. There’s ring model you need to assembly, and you can toss it into the sea lion paper model. But, maybe, you need to use thicker paper, so, you can easily throw the ring.

Of course, the simple design that this papercraft has make it easier to assembly. If you’re beginner, you won’t have problem with this paper model. You also can get Free Ring Toss (Sea Lion) papercrafts base pattern and assembly instruction from link below.

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