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Steve Jobs Papercraft

Steve Jobs Steve Jobs Papercraft

If you use iPhone, iPad, iPod, or any products from Apple Company, you owe to Steve Jobs. He was the founder of Apple Company and he was great in developing various gadgets and computing technology. If you like Steve Jobs, you can make his figure. On the internet, you can get various models for Steve Jobs Papercraft. You only need to search on the Google or any other search engine. In fact, you can also get it from this post.

The Steve Jobs Papercraft is easy to make because you don’t need to design from the scraps. You can simply download the papercraft file from the site and then save to your computer. Before you cut the papercraft design, you need to print it. In cutting the paper model, you need to pay attention to the smaller parts. Make sure that they are not cut by accident. You can then fold the paper.

Follow the guide from the instruction paper and do the steps carefully. After you have finished folding the paper, you can use glue to attach the parts together and make the Steve Jobs Papercraft shape permanent. Wait until the glue is dried and then you can place the Steve Jobs Papercraft in your desk.

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