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1/100000000 Earth Papercraft

Earth Papercraft 300x285 1/100000000 Earth Papercraft

Do you want to conquer and rule the world? That would be impossible. But, it’s still possible to hold the earth inside your palm. How? You can use this 1/100000000 Earth Papercraft.

Actually, there’s nothing special that you can find in this 1/100000000 Earth 3d papercraft. It’s just an earth paper model that has size 1/100000000 of real earth. The design isn’t too hard to assembly. Just need to be careful, so, you can finish its sphere shape without problem. This 1/100000000 Earth 3 d papercraft use printed image to show the seat, cloud and land on earth. It just like the shape and picture of most of earth globe that you usually find in science class or TV shows. But, the most interesting point of this paper model is the 1/100000000 size. You can imagine that this paper model size times 100000000, it would be the earth with real size. So, now can you imagine that you can hold earth in your palm with this paper model?

You can use link that you can find on this page to get the base pattern of this unique paper model. Overall, it’s not only simple 1/100000000 Earth Free papercrafts. It you hold it while thinking about our earth, you will realize that our earth is beautiful and worth to protect.

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