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SD Kamen Rider Papercraft

SD Kamen Rider Papercraft 263x300 SD Kamen Rider Papercraft

There’re lots of Japan cartoon or we usually call them as Anime that has cute and cool design. Kamen Rider is one of them. When we talk about this character cuteness, we can look at this SD Kamen Rider Papercraft.

The SD style in front of SD Kamen Rider 3d papercraft name that this papercraft use shows the Chibi design of Kamen Rider. It looks funny with big head and cool pose that shown on this SD Kamen Rider 3 d papercraft. It’s like that this Kamen Rider is ready to fight the enemy. The design is Chibi and the pose is funny. However, this paper model still has some interesting point, which is the design. Although it use simple design, but, to create the pose like it shown when you finished assembly it isn’t easy. Need lot of patience and time to make it perfect. That makes it worthy to try.

Overall, if you love Kamen Rider anime, this SD Kamen Rider paper model can give you satisfaction in assembling paper model. Because it’s not too hard to do, this paper model is also suitable for beginner. Link below will lead you to the page where you can download Free SD Kamen Rider papercrafts.

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