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Banana Peel Papercraft Model

ssbb+banana+peel+papercraft 300x186 Banana Peel Papercraft Model

If you want to make different papercraft design, you can take this model to be your next project. Even, you can classify this papercraft as unique and funny paper model.

What makes it unique is that you will make a banana peel papercraft. Actually, you can see the same banana peel in Super Smash Bros. This banana peel is one of items which can be thrown as a gun in this game. Actually, you can start to make this SSBB banana peel papercraft if you take Super Smash Bros as one of your favorite games. At least, you can put the result around the other Super Smash Bros collections. Although it is a paper model but the design looks similar to the real one.

It seems that this Super Smash Bros banana peel papercraft model has been thrown as a gun. Just be careful because you will be slipped if you thread the banana peel. Free download service will make you happy because you don’t need to spend your money to get the design. You just need to download the yellow banana peel papercraft and then print it in a gloss paper or matte paper for the realistic sense. This is considered as simple design so you can finish it in very short time.

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