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Chibi Jolteon Papercraft Model

chibi+jolteon+papercraft+pokemon 300x225 Chibi Jolteon Papercraft Model

Pokemon is considered as one of popular amine movies. The interesting part is on the variation of the monster. As Pokemon lovers it will be incomplete if you don’t have the Pokemon monsters collection.

One of the monsters is performed in Chibi Jolteon papercraft model. This pokemon is similar to Pikchu in which it has yellow color. This pokemon monster papercraft model also used lighting as his protector. Don’t dare to disturb this creature otherwise you will get his strong electrical sting. The different between Pikachu and this creature is on the physical appearance.

From this 3d chibi jolteon papercraft you can see that it looks like a puppy and it has white hair around his neck. Although, this creature has strong lighting but the face is very cute and your children will love it. It is true that the design of this paper toy is small because it is a small child version. This is the reason why you can see the cute face from this monster. You can just download small child chibi jolteon papercraft and start the project. Later, you can use it as your personal collection or give it as a special gift to your beloved children. Even, you can make the process fun by asking your children to help you.

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