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3D Tidus Papercraft Model

dissidia012+shirtless+tidus+papercraft 273x300 3D Tidus Papercraft Model

For those who really like to play Final Fantasy definitely know a character namely Tidus. Actually, Tidus is a cool character and becoming the main character of Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. Some people even want to have the toy as their latest collection.

Just add your Final Fantasy collection by making 3d Tidus papercraft design. There are at least two special things which make this model interesting. First, this model is performed in 3D design and makes this paper model looks real. If you successfully manage this Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy papercraft model you will know that this model is made in detail. Second, you will see a different style from Tidus.

Here, you will have shirtless Tidus papercraft toy which is very cool and interesting to see. Although, it is performed in shirtless but you can see different ornament such as the necklace and his unique gun. It seems that this miniature is ready in action to kill his opponent. To add your collection, you can just download 3d Tidus papercraft for free and start this project right away. Probably, it is a little bit complicated to finish in short time but I bet you can do it and successfully finish the model. Put it around the other collection and choose it as your favorite collection.

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