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Final Fantasy Chibi Squall Papercraft

chibi squall papercraft 226x300 Final Fantasy Chibi Squall Papercraft

If you love RPG game, you must know or played one of the best RPG ever made, the Final Fantasy VIII. The story isn’t too strong and the character isn’t too astounding, compared with Final Fantasy VII. However, the strong point of this game is the game play and the graphic. It’s wonderful. Although it has no strong point in its character, but it still looks cool when you look at this Final Fantasy Chibi Squall Papercraft.

Cool maybe isn’t the right word for this Final Fantasy Chibi Squall 3d papercraft. Cute is the fittest word we can use to call this paper model. Maybe it because the Chibi style that used for this paper model design. It also has simple design. However, the simplicity on this paper model doesn’t means that this model has low detail design. In fact, this paper model looks complicated with the hair, clothes, belt, and the gun blade that Squall hold.

This funny Final Fantasy Chibi Squall 3 d papercraft could be great addition for your Final Fantasy VIII collection. If you like this paper model and want to get it, you can use the download link below. You will get the base pattern of Final Fantasy Chibi Squall Free papercrafts.

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