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Happy Teddy Bear Papercraft

t happyteddy Happy Teddy Bear Papercraft

Want to give your little sister a nice and cute gift? If you think about giving her a doll, that would be perfect gift for your little sister. However, if you and your sister are fond on papercraft, you might need to think the other gift. What I mean is this Happy Teddy Bear 3d papercraft.

Cute and funny, that’s the first impression that you will get, if you look at this Happy Teddy Bear Papercraft. It’s also seems simple paper model to assembly. However, if you look carefully, the design of this Happy Teddy Bear3 d papercraft is so beautiful. The most interesting part maybe is the fur pattern. It looks like the real one. The cutest thing that this paper model has is the cute red shirt that it wears. It looks like real fabric, but, actually, it’s made of paper. The color that used for the shirt make it looks like the real fabric, even there’s pattern of fabric texture on it.

Because you and your sister love papercraft, you don’t need to assembly this Happy Teddy Bear paper model. Just give Happy Teddy Bear paper craft pattern and let your little sister find out what it would be, when she finished the papercraft. To download it you can use link below.

Download it Here


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