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Best 3 Gundam Papercraft

Want papercraft challenge? If you want it, there will be lot of paper model you can choose. However, if it’s about real challenge, Gundam paper model would be the best choice you can choose. If you want it, you can try to look at my Best 3 Gundam Papercraft list.

1.     Unicorn Gundam Papercraft

unicorn gundam arms Best 3 Gundam Papercraft

Lot of time you need to spend to perfectly assembly all base patterns of this paper model into Unicorn Gundam robot. Its detail is extremely high. But, in the end, you will get beautiful and cool Gundam robot on your cabinet where you can put your paper model.


2.     Gundam MSA-011 EX-S Papercraft

Samurai Gundam 3d Papercraft Best 3 Gundam Papercraft

One of my favorite. There’re lot of parts you need to assembly and they have small size, which make it worthy to try for great challenge and satisfaction. It’s full complete model of Gundam MSA-011 EX-S and that make it looks cool.


3.     Samurai Gundam Papercraft

Gundam EX S Papercraft Best 3 Gundam Papercraft

Although this paper model is SD version of Gundam Samurai robot, which means this is small or Chibi Gundam robot, it’s still beautiful and cool. And because it’s Gundam, it also has high detail, which makes it become worthy challenge that you can try.

Just choose one of those 3 best Gundam papercraft, you will get great challenge that you want. And that’s what you need to enjoy this paper model.


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