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Top 3 Japanese Castle Papercraft

Castle is great choice for paper model. Among thousand castle model you can find, Japanese castle maybe the most exotic one, like these 3 Japanese castle papercraft.

1.     Nagoya Castle Papercraft

nagoya castle Top 3 Japanese Castle Papercraft

Using one of the most beautiful castles in Nagoya that also becomes the main tourist attraction, this papercraft become one of most beautiful castle paper model you can find. It’s simple, but, you might need to be more patience with its roof. There’re lot of them you need to assembly.


2.     Osaka Castle Papercraft

osaka Top 3 Japanese Castle Papercraft

It’s beautiful castle paper model that looks like a beautiful artwork on pedestal. And like most of Japanese castle, this paper model also has lot of layer of roof, which can give you little difficult yes, but, true challenge, I think it’s not. Quite simple for beautiful castle, that makes it become number 2 on top 3 Japanese castle papercraft.


3.     Howl Moving Castle Papercraft

howl moving paper models Top 3 Japanese Castle Papercraft

It doesn’t looks like most of Japanese castle. But, it has high detail, complicated or maybe weird shape, which is loved by Japanese. So, we can put it on top 3 Japanese castle papercraft lists for its complexity and challenge that it can give to you.

So, challenge and beauty, that’s what you can get from those paper model. you can try them and get the pleasure in assembling papercraft.



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