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Top 3 Castle Papercraft

Love papercraft? For me, the most challenging and beautiful papercraft is the building type papercraft. If you also love it, you can try my top 3 castle papercraft. Here they are.

1.     Cinderella’s Castle Disneyland Papercraft

Cinderellas castle Top 3 Castle Papercraft

If you love Disney character or movie, you must familiar with this castle. Beside it is beautiful, this paper model also complicated. There’re many parts that can give you quite hard challenge. So, if you’re seeking for papercraft challenge, this is one of paper model you can try.


2.     Magical Castle Papercraft

Disney castle 270x300 Top 3 Castle Papercraft

Difficult! That’s what I thought when it try this papercraft. However, once you finish it, you will feel great satisfaction. So, it’s worthy to assembly. Have lot of parts with tiniest detail for castle papercraft also make it become one of beautiful paper model you can try.


3.     RPG Medieval Castle Style Papercraft

medieval castle paper model Top 3 Castle Papercraft

Cube style castle papercraft, that’s what you can find on this papercraft. Therefore, it’s easy to assembly. However, once it’s finished, it still looks beautiful and cool. Especially, if you really building type paper model lover, this is one of worth papercraft you can assembly and add to your collection.

So, for castle type paper model lover, those are three top castle papercraft from my top list you can try. They’re beautiful, cool as well as challenging. Great choice for testing your papercraft skill.


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