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Aerith Final Fantasy Papercraft

final fantasy aerith papercraft 168x300 Aerith Final Fantasy Papercraft

Final Fantasy 7 is one of best RPG that you can play. The story, game play and the design of character and monster are best. However, there’s one character that I like. It’s Aerith. And, I found this Aerith Final Fantasy Papercraft that makes my day become even brighter.

This Aerith Final Fantasy Papercraft is simple paper model. So, if you try it, you won’t have problem, even if you beginner. The funniest thing about this Aerith Final Fantasy Papercraft is the shape or papercraft style that it used. It uses cube style and the shape is just look like the Aerith character in Final Fantasy 7 games. Yes, the low polygon character designs with round arms. As we all know, that Final Fantasy 7 is PS One game, so, it has not quite high detail, like game on game console today. And, this paper model has design exactly like that.

The pose is also thing that makes me interested in this Aerith Final Fantasy Papercraft. Using Aerith pose when she meets Cloud for the first time with her flower basket. The color is little bit blur, so, you might need to adjust it to make it brighter. Overall, it’s still great free paper model and you can get it from link below.

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