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Dwarf Papercraft

class of heroes 3d dwarf papercraft 300x300 Dwarf Papercraft

Dwarf is one of race that you can find on many legends and nowadays, there’re many of them in game. You might think that Dwarf is strange and scary race. However, if you look at this Dwarf Papercraft, you will find out that there’s the cuter one in Dwarf world.

Using Class of Hero Dwarf character as the model, this Dwarf Papercraft has high detail design that make you want to challenge to assembly it. There are lots of parts you need to assembly in this papercraft model. This Dwarf Papercraft has axe as its weapon, clothes, goggle, and of course, cute expression of this Dwarf. You don’t need to worry about the color. Just print it in good quality and it will looks beautiful. This paper model has base. And the unique thing about this base is there are Dwarf words written on it. So, if your friend came to your house and see this paper model, they will know that this is Dwarf, even if they never played Class of Hero game before.

The cute design of this Dwarf Papercraft make it become one of great paper model you can try as well as challenging papercraft that can give you satisfaction. And, there’s link below where you can download this Dwarf Papercraft base pattern.

Download it Here


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