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Top 3 Anime Girls Papercraft

When we talk about cute papercraft, the Anime girls papercraft is the answer. There’re lot of cute girl anime characters you can find. But, if we talk about top 3 anime girl papercraft, here’re they.

1.     Hatsune Miku Papercraft

chibi hatsune miku papercraft Top 3 Anime Girls Papercraft

Chibi version, that’s what you can find in this papercraft. And because it uses Chibi style, it gives the Hatsune Miku, one of the cutest anime girls, a boost of cuteness. So, if we talk about cutest Anime girls papercraft, this is the best one.


2.     K-On Azusa Nakano Papercraft

kon azusa nakano papercraft Top 3 Anime Girls Papercraft

Big and cute eyes, that’s what you will look at this papercraft for the first time. With funny expression, make the Chibi Anime girls papercraft looks cute. The cube style that it uses also makes this papercraft easy to assembly. So, it will be great choice for you who just try papercraft or you who just want to have fun assembling paper model.


3.     Trucy Wright Papercraft

trucy wright Top 3 Anime Girls Papercraft

Beside its cute Anime girls papercraft you can find, we also can say that this papercraft is also little bit naughty. If you look at its design and style, it just looks like other paper model. However, if you take it skirt off, you will find out that this paper model wear some sexy underwear. So, boys, get ready!

And those are 3 top Anime girls papercraft you can try. If you love cute figurine or love papercraft, they will be your best choice.


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