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Star Wars TIE Pilot Papercraft

Star Wars TIE Pilot Papercraft 218x300 Star Wars TIE Pilot Papercraft

There’re many type of paper model that we can assembly. If you love people paper model, especially the high detail paper model, you will get challenge that can give you satisfaction. Star Wars TIE Pilot Paper models can become one of people paper model you can try for challenge.

First, Star Wars TIE Pilot Papercraft has high detail. The body of this paper model isn’t using quite high detail. It’s more like low polygon character. However, if you look at Star Wars TIE Pilot 3d papercraft head, you will find some challenging part that you can assembly. The helmet and masker has quite high detail. There’re many parts, even the small part of the masker. By looking at this design, there’re many layer that you need to combine to assembly the helmet and masker. Unfortunately, the color is too plain. It’s green. It looks like plastic small soldier toys. So, if you want to make it looks more beautiful, you can edit it little bit and give more colorful pattern. And, you have cooler paper model.

You can get Star Wars TIE Pilot paper craft pattern from download link on this page. Then you’re ready to try one challenging paper model for your papercraft collection.

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