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SpongeBob Patrick Papercraft

SpongeBob Patrick Papercraft 217x300 SpongeBob Patrick Papercraft

When there’s a yellow boxy underwater creature with its funny laughing, it’s of course annoying. However, it can become your nightmare, if there’s pink starfish tag along with this yellow boxy creature. Of course, you know who are they, don’t you? Yes, SpongeBob and Patrick. If you love this character, there’s this SpongeBob Patrick Papercraft you can try.

SpongeBob Patrick Paper models show funny paper model of Patrick, the funniest starfish in the entire ocean. Unlike most of SpongeBob Patrick 3d papercraft you can find, this paper model use different style of paper model. This paper model successful shows funny pose of Patrick. The big belly and funny face of this pink starfish make this paper model looks cuter. But, by looking at the design of this paper model, you won’t have any problem to assembly it. It’s quite simple, but, you must need to be careful when you combine the top and bottom part.

Although it doesn’t have base, it can still stand. So, you can place this paper model on any surface that you want and use it as decoration. If you want to get this paper model, there’s SpongeBob Patrick paper craft pattern you can download from download link on this page.

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