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Where’s My Water Swampy Papercraft

swampys bathtub papercraft 257x300 Where’s My Water Swampy Papercraft

Love Where’s My Water game? If that so, you must familiar with Swampy, the funny crocodile that you must help to get water for bathing. Want to get the figurine of this game? There’s Where’s My Water Swampy Paper models here for you.

Like the game, this Where’s My Water Swampy Papercraft, shows Swampy in his bathroom. There’s pipe on top of it, where you can give the water that Swampy need. This Where’s My Water Swampy 3d papercraft uses two type of style of papercraft. The Swampy character use flat type, so, you can easily assembly it. The bathroom use cute design of 3d papercraft. There’s a hole in front of the bathroom as the place where you can look at Swampy ready for bath. You can add some plastic to make it looks more like what you can find on the game. For design and color, this paper model use good quality color and pattern. You just need to print it in high quality printing and this paper model will be looks cool.

This is not high detail paper model. So, you don’t need to worry about having problem when you assembly Where’s My Water Swampy paper craft pattern. You can get it from link below.

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