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Miniature Hinakazar Set Papercraft

Miniature Hinakazari Doll Decoration Set Papercraft Miniature Hinakazar Set Papercraft

Oriental theme is one of good choice for your room design. Using painting, furniture or decoration that has this style can help you to create room with oriental theme. Talk about oriental decoration, you can look at this Miniature Hinakazari Set Papercraft.

The Miniature Hinakazari (Doll Decoration) Set Paper models use cute design of oriental style doll. There’re two doll here, man and woman. The funny thing about this Miniature Hinakazari (Doll Decoration) Set 3d papercraft is the doll stand on a flower. It looks like a lotus flower. There’s also furniture, lamps and stage that is the trademark of Japan culture. The color is also bright and cute. Using mostly soft color, like pink and orange, it’s suitable for making your room looks cuter. For the design, this paper model won’t give you any problem. It’s simple and easy to assembly. However, because there’re many models you need to assembly, you need more patience to finish it.

You can get Miniature Hinakazari (Doll Decoration) Set paper craft pattern from download link on this page. And, beside base pattern, you also can find assembly instruction that you can download, if you have trouble to assembly this paper model and need guide to finish it.

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