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Pokemon Muk Papercraft

pokemon+muk+papercraft 300x225 Pokemon Muk Papercraft

Pokémon is one of my favorite games. And among hundred Pokémon that available in the game, Muk is one of Pokémon that can be annoyed because its poison attacks. However, the design is cool that make it become one of my favorite Pokémon. This Pokémon Muk Papercraft shows how cool this Pokémon is.

The Pokémon Muk 3d paper models use the Muk model on old Pokémon game (Gold and Emerald). And, we all know that Pokémon Muk is liquid type Pokémon. This Pokémon Muk 3d papercraft successfully design the liquid body of Muk into paper model. And, this paper model looks like real liquid model. So, it’s beautiful. The eyes, mouth and one hand that become the trademark of Pokémon Muk also is designed so perfectly. So, it looks beautiful. However, the pattern and the color of this paper model aren’t same with the Pokémon Muk in the game. You might need to adjust the base pattern to get right color and pattern like the poison body of Pokémon Muk in the game.

Because it’s so complex, this Pokémon Muk papercraft can give you lot of challenge. If you interested to try that challenge, you can use link below to get Free Pokémon Muk papercrafts base pattern that ready to assembly.

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