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Doraemon Takeshi Goda Gian Papercraft

Doraemon Takeshi Goda Gian Papercraft  246x300 Doraemon Takeshi Goda Gian Papercraft

We all know the skunk smell is the worst. But, if we talk about the worst singer, there’s only one person that fit to be crowned as the worst singer in the world (of manga). Yes, we talk about Takeshi Goda or he is known as Gian. Love this character? There’s Doraemon Takeshi Goda Gian Papercraft for you.

The Doraemon Takeshi Goda Gian 3d paper models use pose of Gian who’re going to do one of the most dangerous thing in the world that can only be done by him, singing. This Doraemon Takeshi Goda Gian3d papercraft has high detail, including microphone, which is thing that Gian forbidden to hold. The funny and happy face of Gian also added into this paper model. For the design, this paper model use high detail. The big belly of Gian and the unique clothes that Gian character has can be found in this paper model. Although it has high detail, it won’t give you problem when you assembly it.

If you want to get this paper model, you can use download link that you can find below. You will get base pattern of this paper model along with instruction. This is also Free Doraemon Takeshi Goda Gian papercrafts.

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