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Suneo 3d Papercraft

doraemon+suneo+honekawa+papercraft 300x232 Suneo 3d Papercraft

If you love manga, you must familiar with all characters in Doraemon manga. Yes, this is one of legend in manga industry. One of character in Doraemon is Suneo, the arrogant rich kids. This character has unique design that makes it become one of unique paper model you can use. This Suneo Papercraft can show you that.

This Suneo 3d papercraft uses high detail Suneo model. When I say high detail, this paper model also has unique or funny expression that Suneo usually do. The pose of Suneo 3d paper models also looks very funny. He raise his hand like saying stop right there. So, overall, the design of this Suneo papercraft is cute. However, the things that make it little bit off from the Suneo character in Doraemon manga is the color. It’s not like the Suneo character in the manga, especially the shoes. However, you can edit the base patter and match it with the Suneo character in the manga.

Although there’s some flaw on this paper model, it’s still one of unique paper model you can get for adding to your Doraemon character paper model collection. If you want to get it, you can use download link on this page to get Free Suneo papercrafts.

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