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Aquarium 3d Paper Models

aquarium blue tang Aquarium 3d Paper Models

Aquarium is one of great and relaxing decoration you can put in your room. However, it needs lot of treatment. If you don’t want to do all of those tiring treatment or you just too lazy to treat real fish, using paper model is one of great choice. Aquarium 3d paper models are one of paper model for your aquarium decoration.

There’re lots of things in this Aquarium 3d papercraft. In this paper model, there’s model of blue tang fish, fire shrimp, clamps and other sea plant. The entire model in this Aquarium Papercraft is designed with high detail. Just look at the blue tang fish with its beautiful patter or the fire shrimp that has antenna, legs, eyes and its layered body. You will need thread to hang the blue tang fish, so, it will looks like swimming inside the aquarium. Because there is lot of paper model that you need to assembly here, this paper model could be great paper model for you who want to get papercraft challenge.

With its high detail and beautiful color, it could become the replacement of your aquarium. It’s also Free Aquarium papercrafts. You can download this paper model from download link you can find on this page. You also can get assembly instruction if you need it.

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