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black pearl ship papercraft 300x247 Papercraft Ship Models

If you have seen the Pirates of Caribbean movie, then you should know about the Black Pearl. It is a ship in the movie and it was previously named as Wicked Wench. The ship was sunk by Lord Beckett and then it as raised by Davy Jones. The Black Pearl is a special ship and it is easily recognize from its black hull and sails. If your children love The Black Pearl ship, you can teach them to make papercraft ship models with The Black Pearl as the model.

First you need to make the papercraft ship models of The Black Pearl. You can watch the movie several times to get the details or you can simply find the pictures from the internet. However, if you want to make it in easier steps, you can simply download the papercraft ship models from internet. The papercraft ship models are ready to make. To make perfect Black Pearl ship, you only have to click the link from this website to download the right model.

The papercraft in this article is made by professional designer and you only need to download and then print it. To get the best result, use thick paper and glue. Put after you cut the papercraft ship models, fold it, put glue, and then wait until the glue is dry, and the ship model is ready.

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